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Behind the Scenes of the Visual Branding of Rocky Mountains Distributing

Rocky Mountains Distributing is a proud distributor and full-service provider humbly serving the Rocky Mountain Region. They provide world-class food service equipment backed by our factory trained technicians, and superior customer service support staff. They are based in Englewood, Colorado and they serve the Colorado state as well as other surrounding states.


Rocky Mountains Distributing was bought in 2017 from previous owners and was formerly called Taylor of the Rockies. They wanted to rebrand since they had new owners, a new name, and a new mission. They wanted to revamp this company from the ground up and knew it would take a lot of work and time. After discussing their mission and vision for the company we landed on these objectives:


- create a new brand image

- keep it simple

- want it to feel professional and unique


I wanted to keep this logo simple and only use typography. Rocky Mountains Distributing is a long name so I simplified it to RMD and wanted that to be the focus of the logo and the brand. From there, I designed an icon that used those three letters and portrayed mountains with the “M” of the RMD.


For the colors, I wanted to use something with cool tones or even just use black, gray and white for simplicity. I decided to use blue and combine it into a gradient with black.


The typeface for this logo is a simple sans serif, Gotham. They have a variety of fonts in that specific family and I knew I could use it for hierarchy in the future. I also chose to have the typeface be all caps since it wasn’t the main focus of the logo and I wanted it to be readable.


Once the logo was created, I created brand standards guidelines for the company on how the logo and elements should be used and examples of how they shouldn’t be used. I created templates for social media graphics such as employee highlights and equipment training. Following the brand standards, I created trade show banners for the sales team as the travel to different shows throughout the year as well as flyers to promote events that the company was hosting.


I am very pleased with this logo creation. Through this opportunity, I was able to create a long-time relationship with this client and do more work for them throughout the years. I have also learned a lot about this company and what they value most. It’s great to know that I am working with such an amazing company with the best employees around.

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